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Who Is Mark?

Who Is Mark?

I am an industry hub

I am one of only 45 Registered Specification Writers (RSWs) in Canada, and my industry knowledge is unparalleled. With over 20 years in the construction industry, I have seen all aspects of the business – from the highest level sales conversations right down to the most minute manufacturing details.

I’ve spent my career working on projects across the retail, commercial, health care, institutional, and residential construction sectors. I’ve been a LEED certified professional for the past 15 years, and an RSW for over a decade. In that time I’ve criss-crossed the country, built up relationships with most major manufacturers and many smaller ones as well, and developed a keen eye for what the country’s most prominent builders and developers are looking for.

The truth is that for as much knowledge about the business that I have, the real value in working with me comes from my relationships. This is a relationship-based business; once a builder finds a manufacturer that they connect well with, they’re unlikely to switch distributors. There’s a clear reason why my own firm, TechSpecs Consulting Inc., was voted Best Architectural Specifications Consultancy Firm 2023 – Ontario by BUILD Magazine, as well as Construction Consultancy of the Year Global Award Winner by CorporateLiveWire.

I’m not just going to hand you the keys to all of my hard-earned relationships. But, I am going to teach you how to build your own. I want to help the next generation of tech reps build and develop their own relationships that will last, so that they know exactly who they need to speak with when they’re on that next trade show floor.

I want to teach you how to sell to me

The reason I am able to speak so passionately about all of this is that I’m not just a sales trainer; I’m also your target client! As a registered specification writer, I’m the person who Canada’s major builders and brands trust to make vetted, reliable recommendations about the best products on the market.

Meeting me at a convention would be a gold mine for your business. Once we established a relationship, and I was able to verify that your products are as solid as you say they are, I would have no hesitation in adding them to my Master Specifications going forward. To put it simply, I’m exactly who you want to be selling to.

So here’s the opportunity to learn exactly how to work with me. I’ll teach you precisely what sort of details I’m looking for, and how I like to build relationships with potential vendors. I’ll teach you the sales strategies that will take you well beyond your sales targets no matter how large your team is or how many years you’ve been in sales.

I also bring an added dimension in my business and life partner – Melissa Clemmensen. Melissa is a Master NLP Mindset Coach who has trained extensively in sales psychology and knows the language that it takes to bring people into your orbit. Together we’re able to teach you some of that key phrasing to help your team improve their closing rates, and make sure that they leave a lasting impression when talking to a great prospect.

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Mark’s attention to detail and eagerness to work closely during my early training stage, made it easier to understand the complexities as a Specification Writer. I was able to begin Project Specifications production early, allowing me to apply his teaching in real time. With Mark’s guidance, I was able to begin working directly with Project Teams and placing myself as the design influencer within the office.
P. Wong – Regional Specifications Leader at HDR

Working with Mark has been a real pleasure as a manufacturer and helped us in ways we never expected. He set out a clear roadmap from the outset that helped us navigate our first specification with ease and minimal effort. Our discussions were personal and informative – we learned a lot about what a specification can do and the many nuances of getting it right. Writing the specification helped us better understand ourselves as a company and answer important questions we had not previously considered. It has become clear to us that a specification is more than just a technical document and that without the expert experience and skill Mark brings to the table, our specification would not have been even remotely as effective as it could be.

K Linton – Technical Director at Simple Life Homes

During a 1hr conference call, Mark was able to provide a variety of recommendations and I am very impressed with the depth of knowledge and expertise he brings to the table. Mark’s assistance has been invaluable in helping me better understand the intricate process of building envelope specifications in Canada. His guidance and practical advice have been instrumental in shaping our strategy to strengthen our presence with specifiers and elevate our specification adoption rate. In a field where expertise matters, Mark experience as of both a Technical Representative and Specification Writer, gives him a unique perspective and clear understanding on the needs of the design community.

Laurence Roy – Client Marketing Manager at NORBEC

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mark for many years. I have always found Mark to be very conscientious in his technical approach while keeping his customer’s needs as paramount. I look forward to working with Mark in the future.

Paul Johannesson – Regional Sales Director at Siplast
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