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The Problem

The Problem

Key Problem

Why aren’t your products moving? Why are you not the Basis-of-Design manufacturer in specifications within your territory, or even nationwide? You know the superiority of your product – what’s stopping others from knowing what you know?

The problem is within your team. You may have hired the best salespeople that you could find, who showed real potential. However when faced with some of the real-world challenges of selling in this industry, they buckle under the pressure. They’re not in the right places, they’re not talking to the right people, and ultimately you’re not getting noticed at all.

What if you could train your existing team to become the right salespeople?


Hiring the right technical reps is not as easy as hiring for other positions.

Not only is sales its own unique world, but the right technical reps are highly skilled salespeople, with a deep knowledge of the industries that they work in. They’re the authority, and they need to be in the know while also staying calm, cool, and collected.

This means that hiring the right team members can be hard, and training them is even harder! You need to know what sort of background and experience they’re bringing to the table, and where their deficits are. You need to assess how well they can adapt to working on the road, or making new connections in a room full of strangers.

Now, you also need to assess how smoothly those skills translate over Zoom, and whether they can make those same impressions virtually that they can in person. Even if someone is warm enough in person, being able to charm a stranger and build relationships through a webcam is an entirely different art, and one that takes a lot of training and practice.

In short – even if you think you have the right team, things just aren’t working the way that they should.

Why You Can’t Solve It

There’s an old saying which states that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know,’ and that’s true when it comes to supporting your technical reps as well.

Simply put, you cannot be in multiple places at the same time, and you simply don’t have the time or budget to follow each of them around to every trade show, shadow them at every meeting, or coach them through every conversation.

Moreover, times have changed since you came up in the field! You probably started in the day where there were only a few key players who you knew face to face, and it wasn’t hard to phone someone up or go for dinner or drinks and get a deal done over cocktail napkin sketches and handshakes.

Today it’s an entirely different world. The new salespeople of today have become the Zoom generation – a world that will never feel natural to you. They’re under pressure to bond with people they may not get to have dinner and drinks with for months, or even years. They need to build all new skills for connecting – and it’s a world that you simply don’t know.

It’s one thing to scoff at ‘changing technology’ or a ‘changing world’ or ‘new generation,’ but in this case it’s true. Your new reps are playing in an entirely new ballpark – it’s part of the reason why they’re struggling, and it explains why you’re lost as to how to help.

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