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What we do

Your job is to sell.
Our job is to help you sell it better.

Registered tech specs writers by training, we’re here to help you learn how to sell to us – your target customers – because we’re the ones that can ultimately make a difference. We’re the target audience, and we’re the ones who need to remember who you are and what you do. So why not learn exactly what we’re looking for?

What We Do
Who Are You
You’ve built your business
on one key ingredient
– having a superior product.

You may be newer to the manufacturing industry, or you may have been in it so long that you know every step of the supply chain backwards and forwards. Either way you’ve landed at the company because you know that your product is top quality, and you want to be sure it’s the leading solution on the market. Now you’re on a mission to get the word out there. You’re building your sales team, you’re attending conferences and tradeshows, you’re sending out frequent communications to your social media followers – all to make sure that your message gets heard. You know your team could do better. You see them trying, but you know that with the right training they’ll be able to get so much further, and hopefully take your product above and beyond your competitors. But how?
The Problem

Even as you work to build the best tech rep team, you realize that there are some serious flaws that are impacting the business, and ultimately impact your sales.

First, your team is wildly overstretched. Even if you have excellent, motivated, driven, hardworking sales people – they simply cannot be in Vancouver, Ottawa, Saskatoon and Halifax all on the same day at the same time! They’re often overstretched, under-resourced, and scrambling to get to the next meeting.

The other reality is that even with that level of drive, they might simply not have had the access to the training that you require. Even once they do get on that tradeshow floor, they don’t always know who to meet with, or what questions to ask. They may be in a room of the same old faces without ever having the potential to engage a new client.

Many young tech reps have also had to learn to sell on Zoom over the last 3 years, which can make a bad situation that much worse. While they may have some charisma in person, it’s just not translating online, and they’re coming off as flat and wooden. No matter how good your product is, we want to do business with people who we know, like, and trust. If they don’t feel like they know your reps, and they don’t have anything with which to like them, that trust isn’t there and neither are the sales.

At the end of the day it means that your product isn’t getting sold – period. Your people don’t know where to go to find that ideal prospect, and the result is that your business is suffering from lost opportunity after lost opportunity because of that lack of knowledge.


We’re on a mission to change that. Armed with the right knowledge and the right social skills, we know what great technical reps can achieve. We’ve watched how they can perform in front of the right contacts, and how they can leave a lasting impression that makes their product the top choice time and time again.

We’ve seen the magic that technical reps can work when they’re motivated, and when they have the means to transform those in-person skills just as smoothly over Zoom calls. We’ve seen what happens when they learn how to build lasting relationships that result not just in one order, but in repeat business for years and decades to come.

We know what it looks like when your technical reps are marching forward boldly and with confidence, exceeding your wildest sales expectations and having fun while doing it!

How do we know all this?

Because we’re also that target client 😉

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